Beginning Meditation Series

Focus Your Attention

Meditation can be extremely relaxing. Regular practice increases self-awareness, builds inner strength, can help you find inner peace, and bring you fully into the present moment. The mind can become calmer and more still without being void of thoughts. Learn these beginner friendly meditation techniques that involve focusing on specific thoughts, or noting thoughts while not getting tangled up in them.

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Increase Emotional Awareness

When you’re able to identify your emotions, there’s a greater likelihood you’ll be intentional as you react to them. This, in turn, reduces some of the negative physical effects associated with our emotional states. And in doing so, our newfound awareness allows us to release stress and tension that has taken up residence in our body. Relaxation, resulting from mindfulness and meditation, is a crucial element of self-care.

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The Wellness Series

Charting a Course

One could argue that nothing we could invest in, has a greater impact on our quality of life, contentment, joy, and fulfillment than our wellness. One of the keys to achieving greater health and wellbeing, is to develop a more holistic approach to the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits.

When we focus on various aspects of wellness individually, while still considering the concept more comprehensively, we start to feel better, inside and out.

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Set the Stage for a Sound Night of Sleep

There’s nothing better than waking up refreshed, rejuvenated, and feeling fully alive following a sound sleep. Unfortunately, many people toss and turn during the night. Some are worried about tomorrow or ruminating about yesterday.

Luckily getting better sleep is, to a large degree, within our control. Small shifts in our habits, routines, and environment can vastly improve the quality of our rest!

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Embrace Your Strengths

Recognizing what you’re good at, how those skills and characteristics help you reach goals, succeed, or make meaningful connections, can increase your sense of self-worth.

Maintaining a strength-based focus can motivate you to continue to grow, learn, and progress toward your full potential.

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Handwashing: Its History & Preventive Importance

Washing hands with soap and water began as a religious ritual and cultural habit. Much later, it was connected to the reduction of illness and infection by Ignaz Semmelweis. Today, we’re well aware of the preventative capabilities of handwashing, but are we using this wellness tool as effectively as we could, and should?

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Turn a Bad Day Around

Have you ever had a bad day? Are you having one now?

I would like to propose six strategies to employ on just such an occasion. Following one or more of these tips and techniques will turn your mood around and make a rough day better.

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Signs of Dehydration

The human body is made up of approximately 60% water. Staying hydrated is a vital, but often overlooked, aspect of health and wellness. Dehydration occurs when the body is losing more fluids than it’s taking in. Knowing the signs of dehydration offers an opportunity to hydrate, before symptoms become more severe.

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Power-Based Abuse:
Awareness, Intervention, Support

Articles in Part I

  • Forms of Relationship Abuse
  • Six Relationship Red Flags
  • Key Reasons Abuse Victims Stay
  • Defining Sexual Assault
  • The Aftermath of Sexual Assault
  • A Typology of Stalkers
  • Stalking Warning Signs

Articles in Part II

  • Healthy Communication of Consent
  • At the Heart of Intervention
  • Supporting Survivors

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